Louis Farrakhan and Repentance

December 23, 1999

Source: New York Daily News

On December 23, 1999, the New York Daily News reported that Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan says that he has been changed by his near-death battle with prostate cancer. Farrakhan, 66, preached a message of unity and atonement before 200 supporters in Chicago: "Only through our act of atonement can we be forgiven for what we have said or done to injure other human beings." Farrakhan continued: "We must try to end the cycle of violence and the cycle of hatred." Farrakhan spoke negatively about Santa Claus in his speech: "We are asking that this Christmas not be observed with drunkenness, frivolity, filth and foolishness, mocking the name of Jesus Christ...We here and others are asking that Santa Claus be put in his proper place. Santa is a falsehood."