Los Angeles Mayor Calls on Local Leaders to Promote Tolerance

March 24, 2003

Source: LA Daily News

On March 24, 2003 the LA Daily News reported that "although there's been no surge in hate crimes in the city since the war in Iraq began, Mayor James Hahn and other local leaders counseled tolerance Monday among the Los Angeles' many diverse communities... 'In this time of heightened anxiety and uncertainty, it's important to stay true to who we are as a people and as city,' Hahn said. 'No matter how stressful these times are, there is no excuse for anyone to treat anyone as a scapegoat or to rely on stereotyping...' Councilmen Dennis Zine, Tom LaBonge and Eric Garcetti gathered with Hahn and a group of religious leaders on the steps of City Hall... In the days since the war with Iraq started, local authorities have been worried about a backlash against Middle Eastern immigrants and Muslims, and said they would crack down hard on those who create such a response."