Long Island Muslim Society Presents Scaled-Down Mosque

March 11, 2004

Source: Herald Community


On March 11, 2004 the Herald Community reported, "The Long Island Muslim Society has agreed to build a significantly scaled down version of the house of worship it originally proposed for East Meadow Avenue, a plan warmly received by East Meadow community leaders. In a quiet, closed-door meeting last Monday that was a stark contrast to the loud and contentious one held over a year ago, Muslim Society attorney Howard Avrutine presented the new blueprints to six local residents and Council of East Meadow Community Organizations (CEMCO) President Joseph Parisi.       The plans call for the demolition of the Muslim Society's house at 477 East Meadow Ave., where an approximately 2,590-square-foot house of worship, about 35 feet wide and 18 feet high, will be built. The Muslim Society's other house, at 469 East Meadow Ave., will remain untouched and will be used as an office and clergy residence."       

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