Lone Sikh Joins Monks' Fight for Democracy

October 23, 2007

Author: I P Singh

Source: The Times of India


As the world watched media images of clean-shaven Buddhist monks in maroon marching down Yangon's streets demanding democracy in Myanmar, the attention of some was drawn to a bearded, turbaned man. Incongruous as it seemed, it was a Sikh fighting with the pro-democracy agitators.

And, although few might have heard of him in India, he's well known in Myanmar, hailed as — U Pancha (the Punjabi).

Surinder Karkar Singh, also known as Ayea Myint and U Pancha, was one with the Myanmarese marching down the streets during those eight days in September, providing "civilian protection ring" to the monks, and was later identified and reported on by the Australian media.