London Week of Peace Begins with Interfaith Meeting

September 14, 2006

Source: Enfield Independent

On September 14, 2006 the Enfield Independent reported, "London Week of Peace kicked off positively on Monday, as ninety community leaders gathered for a 'Peace through Diversity' meeting at the headquarters of the Greater London Authority. Discussing what makes peace possible in the city, the delegates, including Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Tom Godwin, developed strategies to strengthen unity amongst diverse communities. The meeting marked the commencement of events comprising the eight-day festival taking place across the capital organised by the Peace Alliance and the Metropolitan Police. In Enfield, places of worship from the Islamic, Greek Orthodox, Jewish, Christian and Sikh faiths are opening their doors to all members of the public. The festival has been backed by some of Britain's most influential figures. Prime Minister Tony Blair said: 'It is an important initiative to give Londoners from all backgrounds the chance to come together, to strengthen communities and make this city a safer place to live in.'"