Lomita Rejects Plan to Expand South Bay Islamic Center

March 3, 2010

Author: Raja Abdulrahim

Source: Los Angeles Times


A Lomita mosque’s plan for a new center on its property has been rejected by the City Council, prompting the mosque’s congregants to allege that there was anti-Muslim bias at play.

But Lomita Mayor Don Suminaga said the four council members – one recused himself – who unanimously voted Monday against the expansion project of the Islamic Center of South Bay did so because of neighbors' concerns and the potential increased traffic.

“I think it boils down to too big of a project for that area,” Suminaga said.

A traffic study, however, concluded that there would be no additional traffic on the road because the proposed prayer area – which the study noted was “the primary criteria used in determining traffic impact” – would be about the same size as the current prayer area.