Lodians Set to Gather for 'America, Unite in Prayer'

May 3, 2007

Author: Ross Farrow

Source: Lodi News-Sentinel


Lodi residents and clergy members will gather tonight in All-Veterans Plaza to offer prayers for leaders ranging from President George W. Bush to the Lodi City Council.

They'll ask God to provide wisdom for the nation's elected officials and they will also offer prayers for American troops serving in the Middle East.

It will be Christians leading the event, however, not members of other faiths who also pray to God.

Muslims, Sikhs and Buddhists, for example, are welcome to attend tonight's event, called "America, Unite in Prayer," but they have not been invited to be part of the program, said Ken Owen, founder and director of Christian Community Concerns, who organized the event.

"This is a Christian event," Owen said. "If anyone wants to join us, they're welcome."

But what about members of the Lodi Muslim Mosque and Lodi Sikh Temple, who also pray to God?