Local Residents Participate in Educational Tour to Chicago

November 24, 2006

Source: The Daily Citizen


Harding University students Penelope Bellen, Christopher Cochran, Seth Daggett, Benjamin Garner, Brooke Hayes, Caleb Keese and Chelsea Roberson, all of Searcy, participated in an educational tour of several religious establishments in Chicago Nov. 9-12. They were among the 78 students who spent three days studying various world religions represented in the city.

The trip is the culmination of a class, “Living World Religions,” taught by Dr. Monte Cox, director of the Center for World Missions at Harding.

The group visited a Baha’i House of Prayer, a mosque, a Soka Gakkai Buddhist international center, a conservative Jewish Synagogue, a Hindu temple, and a Sikh temple.

This was the eighth time Cox has taken a group to Chicago, the nearest metropolitan area with such a diversity of worship centers and the only city in the United States that has a Baha’i House of Prayer.

The students spent time learning about each religion and place of worship from adherents of each faith.

They observed various rituals and practices and had opportunities to ask questions.