Local Muslims & Christians Come Together to End Barriers

October 9, 2006

Source: WLNS


Two mid-Michigan religious groups are using their differences to understand each other. Muslims and Christians from neighboring congregations gathered to help break down some religious barriers.

It's a narrow strip of land that separates two faith communities- the Islamic Center of Lansing on one side and University Lutheran Church on the other, but instead of dividing the two congregations, the piece of property is uniting them.

With the sun shining high over both houses of worship, dozens of volunteers rolled up their sleeves and got to work. Muslims and Christians, side by side, digging in to the space between them.

Sandy Davis, University Lutheran Church: "We're putting in 70 trees and shrubs, lots of decorative grasses."

But these two neighbors just happen to be a church and a mosque, and in this era of religious strife and tension, this project is as much about landscaping as it is planting new seeds of understanding.