Local Gujarati Mark Hindu Celebration With Singing, Dancing

October 6, 2008

Author: Roland Cilliers

Source: Fort McMurray Today


It was a celebration of good defeating evil for Fort McMurray Gujarati this weekend.

The Navratri, which translates as nine nights, is a nine-day Hindu celebration that features prayer, music and dancing well into the night. In Fort McMurray, the first day of the local celebration attracted close to 400 people and was held in the gym at Father Patrick Mercredi Community High School.

Mahesh Chauhan, president of the Fort McMurray Gujarati Society, said the dancing is done in a rhythmic co-ordinated style.

“What you will see tonight is typical Gujarati dances. When we dance we dance all together male, female, young and old,” said Chauhan.

The festival is a celebration of the victory of the Hindu goddess of power, Amba Ma, over a particularly strong demon.

“It’s like the victory of angels over Satan,” said Chauhan.

The Fort McMurray Gujarati Cultural Society is a group designed for local families of people from the Indian province of Gujarat.