Local Columnist Speaks Out Against Muslim Hate Crimes

October 5, 2004

Source: St. Paul Pioneer Press


On October 5, 2004 St. Paul Pioneer Press provided a report in response to recent acts of vandalism at a local Islamic center. "The vast majority of Americans, we believe, are smart enough to understand that while the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks were indeed carried out by Muslim extremists, their views are a minority among the estimated 1 billion Muslims worldwide, including those who call the Twin Cities home. For those who unduly fret over such things, the Twin Cities is home to an estimated 20,000 people whose country of origin is predominantly Muslim. For the growing Muslim population — and everyone else — the Islamic Center has been a welcome voice of reason in the immigration and national security debates that have raged since Sept. 11. Despite these reasoned words and positive actions, nativist extremists have continued to demonize innocent Muslims in general. Ironically, what the bigots don't understand is that targeting innocent Muslims is no different from targeting innocents who just happen to work in a particular office building in lower Manhattan."