Local Baha'i Pray for Those On Trial In Iran

February 8, 2010

Author: Adrianne DeWeese

Source: The Examiner


“O my Lord! Thou knowest that the people are encircled with pain and calamities and are environed with hardships and trouble. Every trial doth attack man and every dire adversity doth assail him like unto the assault of a serpent. There is no shelter and asylum for him except under the wing of Thy protection, preservation, guard and custody.” 

A half dozen Independence-based Baha’i faith followers gathered in a home Saturday night, quietly reciting prayers like this one as seven followers halfway across the world in Iran faced Day 1 of their trial on Sunday. They stand accused of espionage, propaganda and “spreading corruption on earth,” a crime that carries the threat of death in the Islamic Republic of Iran. 
“We’re praying for strength and courage and justice,” Independence Baha’i follower Melissa Higgins said. “They’re (the seven accused) just people like us – they have jobs and families and children. We’re all brothers and sisters. We should be aware of that – open our hearts and open our doors.”