Livingston CA City Council Condemns Hate Crimes Against Sikhs

July 20, 2004

Source: Merced Sun-Star

On July 20, 2004 Merced Sun-Star reported that, "Livingston's City Council is set to approve a resolution condemning hate crimes against Sikhs tonight. Mayor Gurpal Samra said the resolution will show support for Sikhs nationwide who have been subjected to hurtful remarks and occasional physical attacks since the terrorist attacks of 2001. He said Sikhs make up about 10 percent of Livingston's population. Samra, who is Sikh, said some Americans have confused Sikhs with Muslims... Chintan Singh, 30, a manager of the Sikh Foundation in Palo Alto, said many Sikhs have been subjected to hateful remarks equating them to al-Qaida members. Last weekend, Singh said employees of a San Jose cell phone store ridiculed him, telling him he looked like Osama bin Laden... Singh said the foundation wants to launch a public relations campaign aimed at educating Americans about Sikhs, and reminding Americans that Sikhs promote universal peace, do not seek to convert others to their faith, are not affiliated with Muslims and are more likely to wear a turban than a Muslim in America."