Liverpool Park to Host Eid-ul-Adha Celebrations

January 6, 2006


On January 6, 2006 reported, "Muslim festival prayers and culture celebrations are to take place in Liverpool this year in a unique celebration of the faith. Events will celebrate and commemorate the story in the Quran, in which Allah tested Abraham's faith, by asking him to sacrifice his son, Ishmael. Abraham was ready to perform the sacrifice, when Allah stopped him, and provided a ram in Ishmael's place: proof of Allah's mercy for his servants. The evening will herald the arrival of the Arabic Al-Hanaan Music Group and the Liverpool Somali Band to perform Arabic and Somali songs and music. Liverpool City Council leader, Councillor Warren Bradley, said: 'This is a unique and welcome addition to Liverpool's cultural calendar, with the aim of preaching love, unity, peace and forgiveness'... Organiser Dr Nabil Sultan said: 'We are very much looking forward to such a large celebration of our Muslim tradition. We are expecting more than a thousand worshippers and are excited to welcome non-Muslims for our other cultural activities to experience Islamic art and culture.'"