Lincoln Interfaith Council Bouncing Back After Tough Year

February 17, 2005

Source: Lincoln Journal Star

On February 17, 2005 the Lincoln Journal Star reported, "it's been a rough year for the Lincoln Interfaith Council, the group that promotes cooperation among people of all religious faiths. The resignation of Norm Leach as executive director last February and his conviction for sexually assaulting a Boy Scout hung over the group like a storm cloud. In addition to questions about Leach, the council battled uncertainties and misunderstandings in the community about its status and future, and financial problems that led to staffing cuts. But the cloud had a silver lining. Leach's leaving forced the council's board of directors to take a more active role in overseeing the group's programs and planning for its future... A fund-raising initiative met its initial goal of more than $20,000 in cash donations by mid-February to help plug a $50,000 budget gap and move toward hiring a full-time replacement for Leach."

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