Licensed Psychologist Leads Zen Meditation Group in Modesto

September 28, 2002

Source: Modesto Bee

On September 28, 2002 Modesto Bee reported on a "meditation group -- one of three now operating in Modesto -- recently started under the tutelage of [Grace] Schireson, a licensed psychologist who was ordained as a Zen priest in 1998. It emphasizes a structured format of sitting and walking meditation designed to guide members toward enlightenment. In the process -- with the help of Schireson -- they also confront issues and habits in their own personalities that could stand in the way of that. 'Zen traditionally is about revealing the immediacy of this moment, taking away all your filters, ideas, prejudices and habits and revealing the truth of this moment to you,' Schireson said. No matter what religious tradition a person comes from, Zen -- an Asian Buddhist tradition of meditation -- can open doors to catharsis and clarity, she said."