Liberia: Religious Group Writes MOE to Ban Bible Teaching

October 19, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: The Analyst

The Ministry of Education is under pressure to put an end to the teaching of Bible in public schools across the country as evidence[d] by a call from a religious advocacy institution which has been praying for religious tolerance.

The group, Muslim and Christian United for Peace and Reconciliation in Liberia (MUCUL) says it has written the authorities of the Ministry of Education (MOE) to institute a national policy t[hat] would prevent the teaching of Bible in public schools throughout the country.

The group Executive Director, Emmanuel Gonquoi, told reporters yesterday that the 1986 Liberian Constitution provides for freedom of religion, and as such it was unconstitutional and legally baseless for bible to be taught in public schools against the will of other non-Christian Liberian and foreign students.

"Not all Liberians are Christians in this country, and compelling them to know the doctrine of the Holy Bible is the completely violation of their fundamental constitutional rights," The MCUL boss said.