Lexington Creche Issue Causes Bitter Feelings In Town

December 24, 2000

Source: The Boston Herald

On December 24, 2000, The Boston Herald reported that many came from around the state of Massachusetts came to the Lexington Battle Green to re-enact the Nativity in the place where the Revolutionary War began. "Despite freezing temperatures, more than 200 people descended on the historic common for a one-night re-enactment of the birth of Jesus, complete with animals, music and signs demanding, 'Put the Christ back in Christmas.' " It was also a reminder, however, that some things have changed. "Last summer, the selectmen voted not to allow privately owned, unattended structures on the Green, after critics complained that permitting a creche on public land constituted town sponsorship of Christianity. The Knights of Columbus sued, accusing the town of unconstitutionally limiting religious expression. But a federal judge upheld the selectmen's decision, saying that if they had continued to allow a creche, they would also have had to allow opponents to put up displays, effectively turning the historic Green into a political battleground. Christian groups claimed the ban represented a form of political correctness run amok." Many also say that the issue of the creche has been very divisive in Lexington.