Lexington Creche Brings People Together

December 24, 2000

Source: The Boston Globe

On December 24, 2000, The Boston Globe reported that "hundreds of singing and shivering worshipers congregated on historic Battle Green last night to turn the site of a controversy into a place for celebration. They came to sing Christmas carols and witness a live Nativity scene. Activists planned the event after town officials banned them from displaying a creche on the historic green." Some say that the ban has brought them together in their feelings of faith. "The service was led by the Rev. Tom DiLorenzo of Holy Rosary Church in Winthrop. DiLorenzo, who has a radio show and is known for leading a charismatic-style worship, was accompanied by a keyboardist and several tambourines." Some feel that their faith is under attack since they can no longer display the creche. "While many participants said they felt strongly about the creche, plenty of others were drawn to the Nativity because they are fans of DiLorenzo. Others were just enjoying the Christmas spirit. " 'I go to church every Sunday, but I think [the creche issue] is much ado about nothing,' said Michael Schultz of Lexington."