Leicestershire Police to Open Multi-Faith Prayer Room at Force Headquarters

June 5, 2004

Source: Leicester Mercury


On June 5, 2004 the Leicester Mercury reported, "Police are to create a multi-faith prayer room at force headquarters for officers, staff and visitors. The force hopes to open the room - suitable for Christians, Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs - at its headquarters in Enderby later this year. It is the latest large organisation in Leicestershire to provide a space where people of different faiths can pray. Prayer rooms, which are designed and decorated to be neutral, are now common in hospitals, airports and shopping centres. Religious symbols, including crucifixes, prayer mats and shrines, will be kept out of sight and will only be taken out when needed. The plan has been put together by the force and representatives of Leicester Council of Faiths and the Black Police Association. A force spokeswoman said: 'The force reflects the diverse community it serves and we want to be responsive to people's religious needs. Also, it may aid recruitment. If people are going to apply for a job with us, whatever their faith, they will want to know that it is a good environment in which to work.'"