Legal Immigration: Red Tape Snags ID Checks

June 10, 2007

Author: Sarah Lynch

Source: East Valley Tribune

It was springtime when Asad Khan and his wife, Uzma, drove from their Gilbert home to Phoenix to be interviewed by government officials as part of their quest to become U.S. citizens.

On the same day, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services checked off “box A” on Uzma Khan’s application.

“Congratulations!” the response to her application states. “Your application has been recommended for approval.”

Within a few months, she took her oath to become a citizen.

But Asad Khan was not so fortunate.

The agency checked off a box on his application that basically left him in limbo. It reads: “A decision cannot be made about your application.”

Asad Khan’s interview took place March 16, 2006. More than a year later, he is still awaiting a decision. The holdup boils down to one major snag: His name has not yet been cleared by the FBI, which checks for ties to terrorist groups and other anti-American organizations before an immigrant can become a citizen.