Legal Fight Over Sikh-Owned Gas Station in Milwaukee

October 26, 1999

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

On October 26, 1999, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an article on the legal fight ensuing over a Sikh-owned gas station in an African-American neighborhood of Milwaukee. Neighbors have complained about the Citgo Quik Mart at Sherman Blvd and Capitol Drive which tends to attract loud noise, partying, and even gunfire from groups congregating at the station. Neighbors want the station shut down under a new city nuisance ordinance that has only been used against taverns and nightclubs. Raj Singh, spokesman for the station's owner, Bulk Petroleum Corp., hinted that the legal battle started by the stations' neighbors might be prejudicially motivated when he stated that neighbors "want the rich guy with the turban out of here." Darshan Singh Dhaliwal, president of the company, removed Singh from his position as spokesman and said that Singh "misspoke." Dhaliwal continued by stating: "There's no cultural problem...People are people." Dhaliwal also pledged to help anyone in the community who wants to provide more positive activities for young people. A large number of the gas stations in Milwaukee are owned and operated by Sikhs, Muslims, and Hindus. Bulk Petroleum Corp. owns 22 stations in Milwaukee.