Learning the Lakota Language in Colorado

December 30, 2002

Source: Rocky Mountain News


On December 30, 2002 the Rocky Mountain News reported that "about 44,000 American Indians live in Colorado, just 1 percent of the population. Most of them are Navajo, Cherokee and Lakota... Some might ask what's the use learning a language so few speak? May as well ask why keep tradition. Language is culture. Culture is identity... And, of course, there's this: 'I want to know when my grandma is talking bad about me,' says Marsha Whiting, 31, who is here with her sister, Amy Sloan, 29. They look at each other and dissolve into giggles... 'No,' Marsha says, 'it's important to keep the culture alive. I didn't see how important until after I had children.'