Leading Up to World Buddhist Forum, Buddhism is Acknowledged for Building Harmonious Societies

April 11, 2006

Source: Xinhua/China Daily


On April 11, 2006 the China Daily reported, "Buddhism, a major religion in China, can play a unique role in promoting a 'harmonious society' and contributing to world peace, a top religious affairs official and researchers said yesterday. As a religion with 'profound ideas of harmony and a conception of peace,' Buddhism can relieve strain and stress among people and between humans and nature, thus enhancing social accord, said Ye Xiaowen, chief of the State Administration for Religious Affairs. China has been striving to build a harmonious society and advocating the construction of a harmonious world. Advocating the Buddhist spirit of harmony, peace and benevolence will undoubtedly push forward harmony in China and the world, Xinhua quoted Ye as saying. 'As a responsible country, China has had its own deep thinking and measures of foresight for the promotion of world harmony,' Ye said. 'Religious force is one of the important social forces from which China draws strength.' The official made the remarks just days before the World Buddhist Forum convenes in the scenic city of Hangzhou, and nearby Zhoushan, in East China's Zhejiang Province on Thursday."