Leaders in Edmonton Say City is Model of Religious Cooperation

September 27, 2004

Source: CANOE/Edmonton Sun


On September 27, 2004 the Edmonton Sun reported, "Leaders of the city's various religious communities said yesterday that Edmontonians bucked a trend toward religious intolerance after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. And Sen. Doug Roche - who is recognized for his international work with the United Nations to promote peace - said the co-operation between religions in this city should serve as an international example. 'Sept. 11 was a big setback in the cause of religious understanding and tolerance, let alone unity,' Roche said yesterday after addressing an interfaith celebration of Edmonton's centennial at City Hall. 'We live in a time of fear, and we strike out against the ones we do not know, and so that's why we must constantly press, as I did here today, for dialogue.' In his speech to assembled leaders of Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Sikh, Buddhist, First Nations and other faiths in Edmonton, Roche stressed the need to unite for peace. Specifically, he said people need to overcome religious prejudice, particularly against Muslims.