LDS, Jews Celebrate Heritage

March 31, 2007

Author: Jessica Ravitz

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune

The custom-made pin on Troy Molling's blazer tips off that this evening will be different. It's a Star of David with the Angel Moroni, a fixture on most LDS temples, mounted in the middle.

Baskets outside the Salt Lake LDS Stake Center's main room are filled with kippot or yarmulkes, religious head coverings customarily worn by Jewish men. A sign encourages "All Brethren" to wear one.

"C'mon, Hon," a woman cries to her husband, who lags behind.

"I've got to put my hat on," he answers. "I don't know how to wear this thing."

About 350 people came out Thursday evening to attend a gathering hosted by B'nai Shalom, Hebrew for "Children of Peace," an organization that is described on its Web site as including Mormons who "share a common Jewish heritage or have an interest and love for the Jewish people and their culture." The group, created 40 years ago in part to encourage Jewish genealogical research to further temple work, meets the Thursday before every LDS General Conference.