Lawyer Says Anti-Terror Law is Anti-Muslim

July 11, 2006

Source: The Mississauga News

On July 11, 2006 The Mississauga News reported, "The lawyer for one of six Mississauga men accused of being homegrown terrorists says Canada's anti-terror law discriminates against Muslims. Rocco Galati, who represents Mississauga's Ahmad Ghany, made the startling statements yesterday in a Brampton courtroom. The law is unfair because it doesn't list the Ku Klux Klan or other white supremacist groups as having terrorist links, Galati said. 'There are no white groups listed in the anti-terrorist legislation,' he said, adding 'brown and Muslim, that's the legislation right now.' 'In five years, 18 people have been charged,' he said. 'Little surprise they're all Muslims.' Galati appeared in front of Justice Bruce Durno to say Ghany should have his bail hearing in front of a Superior Court Justice instead of a justice of the peace. The lawyer contends that a justice of the peace can't deal with Charter of Rights issues in a bail hearing. The Crown opposed the application. Durno did not render a judgment yesterday."