Landmark Hindu Temple Opens Near Orlando

June 17, 2005

Source: Orlando Sentinel,0,277386.story?page=1&coll=orl-living-h

On June 17, 2005 the Orlando Sentinel reported that a new Hindu temple will be dedicated in Casselberry, Florida on Sunday morning. "When the helicopter hovering above the new Hindu Temple in Casselberry showers the building with rose petals Sunday morning, Central Florida's religious landscape will never be the same... Sunday's flower shower will come near the end of a colorful five-day religious and cultural festival, all free and open to the community, inaugurating the opulent $2.5 million, 12,000-square-foot house of worship. Through Sunday, there will be traditional music and dance performances, lectures about Hinduism, and vegetarian food... In addition to being a point of pride, the new temple is the latest benchmark in the growth of the immigrant community in Central Florida... Society officials say interest in the temple has been strong, with 15 to 20 people per day asking for informal tours. This past weekend, more than 200 dropped in. The society hopes that, in addition to school and civic groups, some of the thousands of Hindus who visit Orlando's tourist attractions from around the world will visit the temple."