Lambeth Conference: Interfaith Dialogue a New Reality in 21st Century World

July 28, 2008

Author: Marites N. Sison

Source: The Anglican Journal

The world changed dramatically after 9-11. So, too, have the relationships between churches of the Anglican Communion and other faiths, with inter-faith dialogue now figuring in their agenda like never before. That was the conclusion of the world’s Anglican bishops gathered here on Monday.

When bishops gathered for the Lambeth Conference in 1998, inter-faith dialogue was “kind of a theoretical and interesting question,” said Thomas Butler, diocesan bishop of Southwark, a borough of southeast London. “But now it really is very high on the agenda of virtually every nation in the world because we mostly now live in multi-faith environments.” Matters of faith and religion are now “very high” on the agenda of both politicians and bishops, he noted.