Lake City Hindu Temple Celebrates Navratri

October 8, 2005

Source: Henry Herald

On October 8, 2005 the Henry Herald reported, "For Indians around the world the nights this week are filled with dancing and prayer. Now is the time for 'Navratri,' the Festival of Nine Nights, during which Hindus give special worship and thanks to the goddesses who provide the world with blessings. The festival began on Tuesday and continues until Oct. 15, said Dee Patel of Jonesboro, a member of the Shakti Mandir Hindu Temple in Lake City... Around the temple and the Sumant Center educational building... brightly colored, illuminated decorations have been erected. Somewhere around 4,000 people, from near and far, are expected to gather in circles around the 'mandap,' a type of shrine bearing a likeness of the goddess Amba Mata, in the gymnasium-sized central room of the Sumant Center... Patel said there are other temples in the Atlanta area where the Navratri celebrations are held and people will visit different locations during the time of the festival to enjoy the different singers."