LA Mayor Holds Interfaith Census Breakfast

January 20, 2010

Author: Saadia Khan

Source: Muslim Public Affairs Council

This week, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa reminded the faith-based leaders that Los Angeles was the second most "under-counted" city in the 2000 Census. During the 210 Census Citywide Interfaith Breakfast, he told leaders of Muslim, Christian, Catholic, and Jewish communities many Los Angeles residents did not receive their fair share of funding, which they badly need for schools, hospitals, transit programs, and health programs. In order to assure Los Angeles is completely counted, Mayor Villaraigosa called for faith leaders to spread the message about the benefits of the 2010 Census through sermons given at mosques, churches, and temples.

Mosques can be used as "Question Assistance Centers" during the month of the March, when all Americans will receive their census forms. The week of March 21-28 is "Census Week," which is an opportune time for the Muslim community to convene in mosques and each other's homes to fill out the census form and help those who may need assistance.