"L" is for Langar

May 21, 2007

Source: Sikh News Network


It is an orange Thursday, in this day of fall. It is peak hour and most of the people in Santiago are concerned about going home, getting some food and spending some time with their loved ones. But not all, there is always a group of people that for different reasons are left out, without jobs, family, house and the most important of all, love. And there are those who inside their heart take their time to reach out.

Almost 4 years ago (now May 25th is the 4th year), 2 young men, students of Yogi Bhajan and his teaching had the same thought.

“Lets get together and make some food for the homeless people that live in the central market of Santiago – “La Vega””. This is how Langar Chile was born. No thoughts about how, no fear about how much, just the clear intention of doing it, and to not let anything stop it.

They started with some hot tea and cheese sandwiches. And week-by-week, these two young men found a way into these peoples' hearts. The gangsters stopped being aggressive. The old ladies started telling their stories, and the old men started smiling.