K.P. Singh Spreading Interfaith Message Globally

December 27, 2006

Author: Andrea Neal

Source: Northwest Indiana News


An Indiana artist is working across the globe to spread a message of good will and peace.

"If we believe in God, then I think we have to believe in each other and it doesn't matter what faith and culture we come from," says K.P. Singh of Indianapolis, best known for his pen and ink drawings of architectural and spiritual landmarks. "By building friendship we can come to peace."

Singh, a native of India and follower of the Sikh faith, has been a constant advocate for interfaith bridge building. He has placed his message into a supersized 2007 "Interfaith Calendar" he hopes will offer much more than a reminder of month and day.

It's a project of Future Computing Solutions Inc. and the Sikh Center of Orange County, which produce an annual calendar with Sikh motifs. (To obtain one, go to www.kpsinghdesigns.com.) The CEO of Future Computing had been trying to get Singh to do a calendar for several years, but Singh wasn't interested unless it could carry an interfaith theme.

The calendar was released last month in Anaheim, Calif., at the Annual Sikh Heritage Evening, an event that draws prominent Sikhs from around the world. About 50,000 of the calendars were printed, and Singh hopes they end up in homes and offices from Indiana to India.