Khalsa Youth Soccer League Travels to Spain in an Effort to Combat Racism

May 18, 2006

Source: The Comet

On May 18, 2006 The Comet reported, "The Khalsa Youth Football Academy project based in Letchworth Garden City has visited Spain in an effort to tackle racism. Racist chants marred the most recent England versus Spain international match in Spain. As a direct result of this racist behaviour by Spanish fans, Khalsa went to the country to attempt to build bridges just before the World Cup. The Spain trip also included coaching with the Valencia staff and a world club challenge match. Project director Bal Singh said: 'It was essential that a group of players representing England went back to Spain and help educate and address the importance of working together to combat racism... The Khalsa Academy had printed a message on the front of their shirts Luchando Unidos Contra el Racismo. This was translated and printed in English on the back of the shirts Striving For Unity. The shirts also included the Spanish and English flags. The trip also generated a huge amount of Spanish media attention and featured in the national press as well as on Spanish television... Khalsa's One Team One Goal - Striving For Unity project was launched in February 2005. The aims in the next five years are to curb racism in the community. Bal Singh said: 'We can try to stop racism with other methods but a lot of people just love their football and it is an excellent tool bringing different community groups together.'"