Kentucky State Fair's Atheist Booth Sparks Spirited Discussions

August 25, 2010

Author: Peter Smith

Source: The Courier-Journal

In a small booth nestled between a vendor of
roasted almonds and models of arch-style steel
buildings and infrared saunas, Frank Lovell and
Billy Joe Wright spent close to half an hour
debating the existence of God, the afterlife and
the role of Christianity in the nation’s founding.

Neither convinced the other, but Lovell said the
conversation itself was the point.

He was manning a booth sponsored by the
Kentucky Secular Society, a coalition of atheist
and humanistic groups seeking to make
themselves known in a setting that draws people
from through a predominately religious state. They were attempting to demonstrate the claim
the group made in a large billboard off the
Interstate 65 exit to the fair proclaiming, “Don't
Believe in God? You are not alone.”