Kentucky Court Ruling Allows Discrimination in Faith-Based Organization

July 25, 2001

Source: The Boston Globe

On July 25, 2001, The Boston Globe reported on the Kentucky ruling on the Kentucky Baptist Homes for Children. "'The civil rights statutes protect religious freedom, not personal lifestyle choices,' the judge wrote." The president of the child-welfare agency said that the ruling "would allow his agency, the largest provider of services for abused and neglected children in Kentucky, to continue operating in accord with its religious principles, which include opposition to homosexuality," which he holds to be one of the ministry's core "traditional values." Kentucky provides the agency with $14.5 million a year. The judge wrote that "the code of conduct [required by the Baptist Homes] leaves the religious freedoms of employees...unfettered." An ACLU representative said, "This ruling brings home...that discrimination with government dollars doesn't begin and end with the Salvation Army."