Keeping a Soldier's Faith: Military Chaplains Minister in Combat

October 10, 2007


Source: Forest Park Review

When Capt. Aaron Jenkins, who is stationed at the Army Reserve Center on Roosevelt Road, celebrated the Fourth of July last Wednesday, he did the kind of thing many other folks do. He and his family went to the Taste of Chicago. Unlike many of us, however, he carried with him a heightened sensitivity to the fact that for many of his fellow soldiers, the "bombs bursting in air" were not fireworks at the park but roadside bombs in Baghdad.

"When you serve in the military, it is often said that there are two times when everyone needs a chaplain: in the foxhole and jumping out of an airplane," Jenkins said.

During the more than 17 years that he has been in the Army, Jenkins has relied on military chaplains on many other occasions. The role that military chaplains play in maintaining the spiritual health of our armed forces is an important one, he said.