Keeping the Faith

January 30, 2007

Author: Heather Scarlett

Source: Daily Kent Stater

Women with the red dot of marriage on their foreheads and students carrying the Bhagwad Gita are not usually seen around campus. The Hindu religion is not highly advertised, and its members are not as well connected in the way that members of more visible religions are.

Surinder Bhardwaj is working to change that and give Hindus at Kent State a way to connect with each other.

"Hinduism (at Kent State) is not decreasing religion in the sense of numbers (it is just not advertised)," said Bhardwaj, an Ohio certified Hindu priest and a professor emeritus.

"I'm a member of the Campus Ministers Organization and the purpose is to service the spiritual needs of Kent State students," Bhardwaj said. "I serve the community as a Hindu priest.

"This is only my second year and before that, there was no representation (for Hindu students)," he said. "I'm just one part of the organization, (and) I act as a volunteer."

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