Katsav Condemns Reported Plans of Attack on Temple Mount, Promises Protection of Muslim Holy Places

July 27, 2004

Source: Jerusalem Post


On July 27, 2004 the Jerusalem Post reported, "President Moshe Katsav has come out sharply against any real or imaginary plan to blow up the Temple Mount. Speaking at Beit Hanassi on Tuesday at the signing ceremony of the Covenant of Brothers, Katsav said that anyone contemplating such a measure is acting in contradiction to the laws of Judaism. 'He does not represent any group or political party,' said Katsav, adding that as a Jew he was outraged at the thought that any Jew would attack worshippers of another faith in a place that is holy not only to them, but also holy to Jews. Katsav reiterated the undertaking that he had given the previous day to residents of Teibe who had expressed concern at media reports that extremists might attack the Temple Mount. 'I promise you in the name of the State of Israel and in the name of the Jewish religion that we will vigilantly protect all the Muslim holy places,' he pledged."