Kanwaria Festival Offers Opportunity for Harmony Between Hindus and Muslims

August 1, 2005

Source: Kerala Next


On August 1, 2005 Kerala Next reported, "The ongoing Kanwaria festival in Gangotri and Haridwar in Uttranchal state showcases communal harmony between Hindus and Muslims at its best. This atmosphere of brotherhood and communal bonhomie is most visible in wooden 'Kanwars' (frame or batons used to carry pots containing water), most of which are manufactured by Muslims. The holy water is carried in earthen pots that hang from a decorative wooden frame. Muslims have been making the Kanwars for centuries and people of both communities see this as an ideal way to nurture brotherhood and promote peace. 'We really like that our Hindu friends [are] coming here to carry the water in Kanwars made by us. We respect their religious sentiments. We also hold the Ganges in high regard,' said Nijammudin, a [Muslim] Kanwar maker. 'We have never regarded them as Hindus or ourselves as Muslims. Both religions are to be respected and that's how we perceive them as,' added Jamil Ahmed, another Kanwar maker."