Kansas City Hosts Interfaith Peace Gathering

December 28, 2005

Source: The Kansas City Star


On December 28, 2005 The Kansas City Star reported, "The Rime Buddhist Center and Monastery will host an interfaith peace gathering as part of the annual World Peace Celebration... Native American smudging, Tibetan Buddhist chanting, prayer and meditation, Sufi dancing and a Muslim 'call to prayer' are part of the program, which aims to bring different cultures together. The Rev. Bob Hill, senior pastor at Community Christian Church, is this year's featured speaker. Sisters Corita Bussanmas and Berta Sailer, nuns from the Sisters of Mercy BMV, will be presented with the Bodhisattva Award - an honor to enlightened persons who work for the benefit of others. The pair co-founded Operation Breakthrough, an inner city program with before- and after-school programs for children."