Kansas City Hindus Expand Temple and Cultural Center

April 16, 2006

Source: Hindu Press International


On April 16, 2006 Hindu Press International reported, "It all started almost fourteen years ago in the summer of 1982 when 150 Hindu families gathered together to plan a temple and cultural center. The bulletin from the temple explains, 'The Hindu Temple and Cultural Center (HTCC) is involved in many religious activities that focus on preserving and spreading the Hindu Dharma. This is done through the regular worship services performed by the priest. The temple serves the members of the Hindu faith community including the Jain community in the Kansas City area.' In addition to the worship services, the temple has various wings focused on different aspects such passing on the religion to the youth through special classes devoted to them and an organization focused on health and wellness issues through the use of alternative medicines. However, in the last few years, the temple has found that the increase in attendance at festivities due to the fact that it now serves more than 3,000 Hindu families, has resulted in the need to expand the present facility. In the last three years, a Temple expansion committee was formed and the ground-breaking puja for the 14,000 square-foot new construction took place on April 10 followed by a public ceremony on April 15, 2006. The project is estimated to cost about US $1.5 million."