Kansas City Faithful Ring in the New Year with Interfaith Service, Tsunami Fundraiser

January 5, 2005

Source: The Kansas City Star


On January 5, 2005 The Kansas City Star reported that on, "Dec. 31, nearly 300 folks gathered at the Rime Buddhist Center for the 19th annual 'World Peace Meditation.' This year the program included the Muslim call to prayer, American Indian smudging, a Buddhist chant, a Sikh prayer, sacred Hindu music, a Christian hymn and a Sufi dance. In the keynote address, the Rev. David E. Nelson, a Lutheran who is chairman of the Kansas City Interfaith Council, said our community understands that religious diversity is not a problem to be solved but a gift to be shared... Later that morning the Rev. Robert Lee Hill at the Community Christian Church convened Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, Unitarian Universalist and Christian leaders as part of Kansas City's efforts to respond with prayers and money to aid victims of the tsunami disaster. On Jan. 16 the church will hold an interfaith celebration in honor of Martin Luther King Jr."