Jordan’s King Abdullah Talks with Rabbis About Common Values in DC

September 22, 2005

Source: The Boston Globe

On September 22, 2005 The Boston Globe reported, "Convening an unprecedented meeting between a Muslim head of state and Jewish religious leaders, King Abdullah II of Jordan urged Jews and Muslims yesterday to 'take bold steps toward mutual forgiveness and reconciliation' to counteract extremist violence produced by distortion of religion. Abdullah, who has taken a leading role in advocating moderation and modernization in the Arab world, quoted liberally from parallel passages of the Torah and the Koran as he told about 70 rabbis, including eight from the Boston area, that 'we must move beyond the language of mere tolerance toward true acceptance. Our common faith and shared history are [our] greatest asset'... The rabbis, who traveled to Washington as guests of the king, represented the major streams of Judaism. They robustly applauded Abdullah's initiative."