Jikji-sa Temple Preserves History in Midst of Modern Renovations

January 14, 2004

Source: The Korea Times


On January 14, 2004 The Korea Times ran a travel story featuring the Jikji-sa Temple in Kimchon: "Located on the eastern gentle foothills of Mt. Hwangak approximately 20 minutes from downtown Kimchon, Jikji-sa, which was built in 418 A.D., is also one of the first temples in Korea. Originally consisting of over 40 buildings, only 20 of them remain today, the oldest of which dates from a reconstruction of the temple in 1602. Like most of Korea’s more famous temples, Jikji-sa has not escaped the ravages of time and invasion. Nonetheless, the buildings and Buddhist cultural relics that are preserved here are a testament to the glory and grandeur of its past. Starting from the 1960s, massive reconstruction work on the temple has restored much of its past fame. Of all the temples in Korea, it is one of the more beautiful given its natural and peaceful surroundings at any time of the year."