Jews Most Frequent Targets for Hate Crimes, Followed by Blacks and Muslims, Report Says

June 2, 2004

Source: Globe and Mail

On June 2, 2004 the Globe and Mail reported, "The first national snapshot of hate crime in Canada has concluded that Jews, followed by blacks and Muslims, are the most frequent targets for bigots. Statistics Canada released crime figures yesterday supplied by 12 major police forces in Canada. Of the 928 hate crimes reported to police in 2001 and 2002, one-quarter targeted Jews or, more frequently, their institutions. Blacks were victims in 17 per cent of reported cases and Muslims, 11 per cent. But racial and religious minorities were not the only victims. Gays and lesbians were prey to 9 per cent of all reported hate crimes, and incidents were more likely to be violent and result in injury. Over all, the most common types of hate-crime violations included mischief or vandalism (29 per cent), assault (25), uttering threats (20) or hate propaganda (13)."