"Jewish Witnesses for Peace" Group Causes Disturbance at Interfaith Meetings

April 19, 2006

Source: The Ann Arbor News


On April 19, 2006 The Ann Arbor News reported, "Relations between a local interfaith group and Jewish Witnesses for Peace have taken a turn for the worse, mainly because of JWP's demonstrations outside Beth Israel Congregation during Saturday services. The Interfaith Round Table of Washtenaw County gathered for its monthly meeting Tuesday afternoon, but canceled it when about half a dozen JWP members and people sympathetic to their cause took seats. The Rev. Susan King, chairwoman of the Round Table's steering committee, announced the cancellation to about two dozen people assembled for the meeting at Genesis, the Round Table's usual venue and the joint property of St. Clare's Episcopal Church and Temple Beth Emeth, a Reform synagogue. The Round Table had told JWP members their presence is disruptive and they are no longer welcome at meetings. Notices regarding future meetings will be sent via e-mail, King said. She declined, after the meeting, to discuss reasons for the Round Table steering committee's decision. Saturday mornings for about the last two years, JWP has demonstrated in front of Beth Israel Congregation in Ann Arbor. JWP wants the local Jewish community, including Beth Israel, to speak out against what it says is Israel's mistreatment of Palestinians."