Jewish Relief and Recovery Efforts for Katrina Victims

September 6, 2005

Source: The Jerusalem Post

On September 6, 2005 The Jerusalem Post reported, "Jewish communities across the southern United States have taken in Jews from the Gulf Coast areas most affected by Hurricane Katrina. Houston has taken in by far the highest number of New Orleans refugees and the highest number of Jewish refugees too. But smaller communities have come through as well. Offers of help and refuge have come from as far east as Jacksonville, as far north as Memphis and as far west as Dallas. Jackson, Mississippi, has taken in roughly 100 Jewish evacuees – a drop in the bucket compared to the rest of Jackson, which has seen its population nearly triple in the past several days to more than 700,000 people, but it's a large burden for a Jewish community that numbers only 200 families... As the evacuation and cleanup continue along the Gulf Coast, southern Jewish communities have gotten the word out through bulletin boards and informal community media that they are eager to share their synagogues with displaced Jews during the High Holy Days, coming next month. Schools have also been made available to children who now have no place to study."