Jewish-Muslim Conference Condemns Killing in Name of God, Pledges to Work for Peace

January 9, 2005

Source: Ha-Aretz

On January 9, 2005 Ha-Aretz reported, "There was no shortage of moving moments during the unprecedented 'Rabbis and Imams for Peace' conference, which was sponsored by the organization Hommes de Parole. The conference hosted more than 200 rabbis and imams as well as Christian clergy from all over the world to convey the message that religion does not send people out to kill and that anyone who takes a life in the name of religion transgresses a commandment of God. The conference concluded on Friday with a pledge that the Jewish and Muslim clerics would work to put an end to bloodshed between Israelis and Palestinians and would struggle with all their might against hatred, ignorance and extremism on both sides. When the declaration was read, the participants got to their feet and applauded."