Jewish, Armenian Leaders Strive for Healing

August 30, 2007

Author: April Simpson

Source: Boston Globe

Political and religious leaders from the Jewish and Armenian communities will launch a concerted effort today to heal rifts opened by complaints that the Anti-Defamation League did not recognize Armenian genocide.

The leaders will join survivors of both the Jewish and Armenian genocides in a display of solidarity at the State House this afternoon. Organizers said they want to send a message that the slaughter of Armenians at the hands of Ottoman Turks in 1915 is acknowledged by many Jews as genocide, despite decades of refusal to do so by the ADL.

"In our community we use the phrase, 'never again and never forget,' and that doesn't just refer to the Jewish community," said Councilor Michael P. Ross, a member of the Boston City Council who organized the event with state Representative Rachel Kaprielian of Watertown. "It refers to the acknowledgment of all humanity and all genocide and all intolerance. So it's very important that we show the Armenian community that there's support."